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Customers frequently ask these questions:

Do you have a telephone number?

Unfortunately we do not offer a telephone service. We believe that every question, problem or inquiry can be handled via email. We offer a fully integrated email system which outweighs a telephone service. You can contact us by filling out our contact form, view our reply and send email to Ecigs Europe via your personal account. Every relevant contact form is answered within 24 business hours. We put highest priority to customer communication and make sure that your inquiries are greatly taken care of.

Why don’t you show a physical address?

There are 4 important reasons why we don’t show address details:

  1. We want to avoid customers mailing letters for buying purposes. Every order needs to be placed via our website.
  2. We want to avoid customers mailing checks or money to settle orders. Every order needs to be paid by credit card or bank transfer via our website.
  3. We want to avoid customers visiting our company for buying purposes. Our warehouses are located in different places so it doesn’t make sense to come and visit Ecigs Europe to buy products.
  4. We want to avoid customers returning orders to our offices. As just said, our warehouses are located in different places so we want to make sure that returns arrive at the right location.

If you need our address details for a specific reason, kindly fill out our contact form and we will provide our address details if deemed necessary.

How can I be sure to receive a reply on my contact form?

It happens that our replies don’t arrive in customers’ mailboxes and end up in spam folders. Therefore we created a personalized mailbox in your personal account where you can view our answers and send your replies. So, if you don’t get emailed a reply from us within 24 business hours, please log-in to your personal account to check our reply in your personalized mailbox.

Do you reply to automatically generated emails?

We do not reply to automatically generated emails like order confirmations or newsletters. The only way to contact Ecigs Europe is by filling out the contact form. If you want to reply on an answer email after having filled out our contact form, please do so via your personal account.